Personal Narrative: Coming Of Age In America

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The Coming of Age in America stories is very appealing to read. Some of the stories had brought back my memories when growing up. It’s commiserating with me on my unfortunate circumstances. The authors tell stories everyone will go through the stage as we grow. We encounter much small or large crisis and unexpected throughout our lives. All of us will have experience difficult at a certain point, and how we cope with most of these experiences. It does not matter how different culture we have, but we all have common experiences. By seeing the similarities can help us to understand and accept other people’s circumstances. It helps to understand different kinds of people and different cultures. Readers have a better understand ourselves, others, …show more content…

My mother worked very hard with the minimum wages, and just enough to pay rent and food. The first two years, I wore clothes passed down from the church or someone else’s. I remember I was so happy to get a new outfit at Kmart to celebrate Chinese New Year. It’s our tradition that we wear new clothes on the New Year day. I got embarrassed not to have many clothes to wear to school. Some people looked at clothes and made the judgment. They did not want to be your friend because it wasn’t a “Brand Names” or not from Macy’s or Emporium. I felt hurt and wished I could have beautiful outfits like them. For teenage girls, we all wanted to be popular and to hear compliments. I felt inferior to others and that stopped me from trusting and having a relationship. My mother was frugal because she thought of her family still in Vietnam who still struggled and needed her support. Even though, I understood but I still blamed the family situation for my failure. At some point, I also had bad thoughts how to get out the situation fast. Just like the narrator, we both wore the cloth that I really disliked. At that time, I thought that materialistic would make me smarter and people would befriend with me. As I get older, I have the better perception of living which I wished I could see that

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