Personal Narrative: Making It Through High School While Becoming A Young Adult

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Making It Through High School While Becoming A Young Adult High school is a crazy place for most because everyone is not going to be popular, very athletic, or the smartest person in the classroom. Also regardless of how it looks outside looking in everyone will have a hard time in high school whether it 's an athlete trying to keep his or her grades up so they can play in the next game. Also, if it 's one of the smarter non athletic kids not making one of the sports teams because lack of athletic ability and the coach has his or her picks. Well, my first piece of advice is you can 't let everything people say get to you by being very stoic about situations. Now I say this because it is a bunch of mean, angry, young adults in high school and most of them will want you to feel how they feel. Whether it 's because they are angry, mad, depressed, or they are just feeling crappy that day, most will try to drag you down to the place that they are at. You will have to learn how to ignore the ignorance of a lot of people and try not to let them take you out of you character or talk you out of your place of tranquility. I remember one time i was at the bus stop headed to school i had not even made it to school yet. It was this girl and she just started playing with me but i did not feel like playing or talking . …show more content…

There is a lot of things you can do to avoid making some of the mistakes I made and lots of others made before you.As mentioned before, try to keep in mind everyone is not your friend, don 't be afraid to ask questions in class, try to stay calm in most situations, and also, try your best not to have a baby while you are in high school. A lot of people feel like high school makes or breaks their life and it does for some that let it but it 's just beginning of your life. Not saying you will not have some of the most exhilarating times or the most frightening experiences I 'm just saying use them as learning experiences and don

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