Personal Narrative: The United Sates

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Several individuals from different ethnicities, races, and citizenships, compose a society. The United Sates allow us to have a close interaction with numerous individuals from diverse backgrounds. In my own case I have been able to interact with many incredible individuals from all over the world who come from extremely different backgrounds. I am a proud Mexican who cherishes respect towards diversity. Coming from a very suffered country I am able to understand not only what does it means to feel proud to be a Latino, but also I can feel acquainted with the pain and struggle that our community has to face every day. Latinos are the moving force of this great nation. We bring several good aspects to this country. Our hard work, traditions, culture, energy, and kindliness are only some of them. As a Latino I know from first had how does my community feels every time we have to face discrimination from …show more content…

However, we have some responsibilities over our community. If life gives us the opportunity to have access to education we should be smart enough to use that knowledge to help others, but specially those in our community. I am aware that unfortunately not many people within the Latino community have access to education. Many of them do not even speak English and therefore in some instances their human rights have been abused. I have the firm conviction that whenever life fills your hands of tools and opportunities one is mandated to give back to the needy. Our community in specific is lacking of many essential needs. I believe that education starts in the very early steps of an individual’s life. I have had a mission on my head for a while now. This mission is to help young Hispanics to have access to early-staged education. I want to see my people achieve their beloved American Dream. I am confident that one day with the help of my community and many other outsiders who love this community I will be able to achieve this

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