Personal Narrative Essay: I Am A Conservative Republican

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Political Stance Paper: I can proudly and firmly say that I am a Conservative Republican. Reason being is that I stand behind the constitution, and behind our founding fathers. Ways of life has drastically changed from a hundred years ago to today. I wouldn't say by any means for the best either. America had been built by people with good morals, people with motivation, people with determination to make something greater than anything, and they succeeded for a long time, but today it seems that success and good has been thrown down the drain, like it doesn't matter anymore, and in most cases, it is true. Most people today do not care, they want what's best for them, not the people around them, people want to know what America can do for them, not what they can do for America. One hundred years ago it was the exact opposite. The two major economic issues that I would like to address are taxes, and social programs. First taxes, our taxation system today is very messed up, in my opinion. Today we charge the working class the most on taxes, the …show more content…

To me, Government handouts are ridiculous in almost all cases, simply because people know how to play the system and our people in power are too stupid to realize it. Our government really needs stricter laws and regulations on the social welfare programs, people should be required to pass a drug test, I say this because I have seen it with my own eyes, in Grand Marais more than once, people take their weekly pay check and use it for booze and drugs. Then rely on their food stamps to pay for their food. It's pathetic and it really angers me knowing that the money that they are using in food stamps to buy their food, is money that came straight out of my pocket. Granted I do know a few people who do work their butts off trying to meet ends meet and struggle to do so, those people I have much more respect for, and it doesn't bother me as much knowing my taxes are going to those

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