Personal Narrative Essay: The Colombian Battalion

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When the Colombian Battalion reached land immediately settled in over a hundred tents, where they could comfortably organized eighteen men. They were close to Ethiopian troops, with the Colombian troops made a great relationship. Therefore, they shared stuff with them, by that time Ethiopian soldiers everyday asked for Colombian coffee, or some just wanted to try Colombian food. It was great time; it was clam before the storm. During those days, the Colombian Battalion was in intensive training for more than six weeks, because Colombian Battalion should be good to go by June 16, 51. That was how their destiny came true, the tour through the Pacific warm ends. It was a cold environment such as the one they lived in the Boyacá. Once in Korea, they realized what their purpose was not to show everything that we had laughed over a …show more content…

They understood that they had to do anything to defend the democracy in South Korea and stop North Korea with the intention to spread communism that is why the Battalion Colombia entirely chose to give a hand to South Korea. This battalion was accustom to fight the communist guerrillas in the Coffee Mountains in Colombia before the proposal to go to Asia to fight. They had been fighting with counter-guerrilla tactics, and now they will go to experience a complete different way of fighting. None of their commanders hesitated, none of soldiers was disagreed everybody was eager to go there to support South Korean freedom. However, they realized that the enemy in Korea was much larger and more dangerous than the enemy in the Colombian mountains. Therefore, after their training, they took their M1 rifle with eight cartridges and knew it that it was inevitable to evade the flashes they had seen from the boat upon arrival, but this time over their head. The armed clash was inevitable, so the catholic priest was giving a blessing to all of the teams that would go on a patrol, because maybe that would be the ultimate incentive

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