Personal Narrative Essay: Trump's Running For President

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A presidency under Trump is an actual terrifying thought. It is still a “thought”. It’s something that is hard to understand, hard to believe, and hard to grasp. It is something that we should have seen coming, but also hoped that we were at a place in time when the impossible remains impossible. I think we all passed off Donald Trump as joke for the first few months of the election. At first it was exactly like it looked, a reality TV star running for president. As time went on, he gathered a following. A following that always existed but never had the platform to express their views freely. Soon enough we watched Trump rallies where people were being harassed, spat on, and called derogatory slurs; for no apparent reason, just because of who they were. This man had awakened a destructive group of people and had given them a voice. In a blink of an eye, it was Election Day. Trump was the Republican candidate. We got that far. Far enough to the point where this man was under consideration to be the leader of the free world. The feeling I had on that day was one I cannot put into words. My anxiety was at another level. I went to the voting booths and was taken aback by …show more content…

The subways were quiet, people were visibly bothered, and I found myself paying attention to my surroundings even more than usual. I remember looking at the people around me more than usual. I kept playing the statistic over and over in my head; 64% of white men, 53% of white women. The fact is that this man won because of white voters. Am I supposed to blame them? Am I supposed to have a preconceived notion of all white people? Why did they have to vote for Trump? If I am a white woman who is able to vote for Hillary, why can’t they? Did this man influence their minds, or were they always this bigoted and now finally allowed to have a voice? I wanted to ask them all why they were so against Latinos, Muslims, gay people, and

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