Personal Narrative: Four Things I Do Differently

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FOUR THNGS I’D DO THE SAME Turnabout is fair play, especially when I’m involved. My previous post cited “Four Things I’d Do Differently” as I looked back over the decades of my life. Here are four things I’ve done right in life or ministry. 1. I’ve worked at being creative with gifts I’ve given my wife for birthdays, anniversaries, or for Christmas. Not every year, but often enough to avoid sameness and instill a sense of anticipation. Want examples? *The love letter, hand-written, that began, “I thank God for you because…” Several pages followed, citing specific traits and anecdotes of her loyalty to me, or her nurture of our sons. (Hand-written letters pack more of an emotional wallop!) *The 20 letters I requested from her friends, ministry associates, and relatives in which they told what they liked and appreciated about her. These were mailed to my work address, put in a box wrapped as a Christmas present, and put under the tree for her to open on Christmas morning. …show more content…

I titled it, TERRY’S CROWN (based on Proverbs 12:4), and my favorite up-close photo of her engulfed the front cover. Expensive—but her reaction made the price a bargain! If you were more original in gift-giving to your loved ones, how could it

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