Personal Narrative: Growing Up As A Minority In America

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I identify as Black. Growing up as a minority in America has shaped my identity by making me a creative, hard working, and understanding individual. By being Black in America I realized that there is this stigma that Black kids can’t excel in certain areas of education because the majority of our neighborhood and public schools lack the proper resources for us to do so. While this stigma holds truth, I refuse to let this stigma handicap me. Growing up with less resources allowed me to be creative. If there was something I did not have I was sure that I could create an equivalent to what I did not have by using materials that I did have.

In addition, to making me creative growing up Black in America made me hardworking. I was aware that there were not people in my community who owned businesses, or who had high levels of education, so I learned that if I wanted a job or needed help with my homework I would have to work hard to seek those things because they would not be handed to me. …show more content…

Growing up as a minority means that when you go out into the world, there are a vast majority of people who are not like you. Facing this fact allowed me to realize that different people come from different walks of life, and it is important to understand different people so that you can get along with

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