Narrative Essay On Racial Identity

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What defiens a person? Can we rely solely on their apparel or actions? How can we truly understand one another, if all we 're looking at is the surface? Have we forgotten to acknowledge the beauty that lies within one 's heart? Our background , identity, interests, and talents are ways we can exude personality and share our own stories. Some may think that race is a color and color is a race, but that 's wrong because no one can determine that nationality of a person by their pigmiation. For example, my father is Puerto Rican, but his complexion says otherwise. I grew up in a mostly white community and when I would be around him people were quick to assume that we 're just a colored or black family, when we 're so muc more than that. The way I see it, the identity of person cannot be based on their appearance. Speaking of which, I don 't loo like the typical Hispanic girl. At younger age I hated my caramal skin and straighten my hair to the point where it heat damaged just so the people at school would see me as one of them. To ease the embarraseement I blamed my mom that she was I 'm so different. That maybe if I didn 't have Haitian in my blood I would look more like my Puerto Rican ancestors. I was such a fool to dishonor my mother . I neglected the land from which she came from. …show more content…

Mi nombre es mio, but I don 't want a name to overshadow my persona. Yes, I 'm aware I have the word Jesus in my name . And to be honest I hate it when people say that I 'm blessed or make fun of it because its so exotic. I remember people would tell me to pray for them, like I was some wish granting dety or a saint, which I 'm not and to this day nothing 's change. Grwoing up in a religious household I felt pressured to uphold his name instead of me proving my worth to Jesus himself. What I what people to know that the name I was given at birth should not be a factor in decisiding what to label me

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