Personal Narrative: How Addiction Changed My Life

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Addiction is a powerful thing to encounter, cope or live with. An addiction is worse when it is experienced with a loved one. This illness has many negative affects regardless to the extent of the addiction. It has caused family and marital separations that are not easily overcome without a determined mindset.
As for me, I dealt with a step-father who had been part of my life for 11 years. He had an addiction to alcohol and cocaine. The addiction first started with him going out with his friends once In a while. That soon turned into every night with his friends. Although I was young in age it affected my mother, younger sister and I as well.
I faced many fatherless days due to his decisions. It was as if he had lost his love for mankind and found …show more content…

There was times when they would get into disagreements and with me being a child, I had no understanding of it. This misunderstanding as a child put me in the state of emotional disturbance because my mother, the woman I looked up to, was unhappy. Shortly after that we started noticing that money, items and valuables were going missing. For instance, we had two play station game boxes, but we could never find the other one. When my mom asked him “Did you see the kids’ game box?”his response was no I have not seen it. Truth was that he had taken it and sold it for money to support his addiction. This caused us to hide our valuables unless we thought of it as invaluable. In addition, to my mom, sister and I having to hide our belongings, we began to encounter financial problems. After a while of causing his family turmoil, he decided to leave us and his marriage. His decision to just leave impacted me terribly. I was mentally and emotionally distraught due to the hurt and disbelief. As a result of these internal emotions my hair began to break off, fall out and I began to experience weight loss. After he moved he started to go missing; not even his family in town

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