Personal Narrative: Addicted For Now

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I have been in a book slump for months, I started reading a lot of books, but none of those entertained me. If nothing else, it made me feel annoyed, bored and completely numb. So when Addicted For Now arrived, I knew this is my damsel in distress whisking me away.
Ricochet left me in a disastrous state and I was hoping my reaction and feelings toward the sequel would be just as intense, though there is always that fear. That it might not be as good, it might fall in the sequel syndrome, and these are my genuine concerns. But, you can now sleep peacefully because Addicted For Now is even better than the first two books and, yes, that is possible!

Addicted For Now was an easy read for me, in the sense it grabbed me from the moment, I started reading it. The plot flowed smoothly, I loved every inch of it. Becca and Krista …show more content…

It’s not difficult to miss that they grow throughout this installment. Krista and Becca excellently write a bunch of characters who are fully fleshed, authentic, and have depth. You couldn’t help but root them.

One of the many reasons I love the Addicted Series is the beautiful relationship of the Calloway sisters and the ‘Ryke x Lo’ bromance. It was so entertaining to read, especially the witty, great banter between the characters. I could never NOT laugh!

Romance. Addicted For Now solidifies the relationship of Lily and Lo. They weren’t just your ordinary boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. They are each other’s anchor. They helped each other to cope in a lot of ways, it’s so admirable. I wholly appreciate the fact that a lot of people are helping them to get better. There’s a bit of back-story and I personally think it was so cute. It thoroughly helped to know the characters in a different light,
I find myself wiping my tears away in handful of scenes. It is that

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