Personal Narrative: I Am An African American

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Growing up there were many time where things would happen but I was too young to realize it or even know what was happening. As time went passed thing got better and less noticeable but that is when things normally take a turn for the worse. But most people when looking at me would say he is African American but in reality yes I am partly African American but I am also mixed with Nicaraguan, Italian and Jamaican. So growing up I did not fit in with thee Hispanic kids because I could not speak Spanish and they could so I was always grouped with all the other African American kids. Being placed under a specific group just because the color of my skin and because of the people that I know does not mean that if they do something I am right there…show more content…
This was a place where money and how much you had meant everything and have not grown up in an upper middle class family in Florida on Long Island we were looked at to be lower middle class and to some we were just the lowest of the low. But while in high school there was this particular administrator that it was known that he was not for any African Americans coming to any of the schools in the Dix Hills school district. While that was a problem that was constantly going on there were no more than 100 African Americans in the entire high school. There was a fight one day when I was not in school and it was one of my friends and I heard about it and my friend had been jumped in the boy’s locker room. Then after he was jumped he went and fought all three of the boys that jumped him one on one and each of the parents of the boys wanted to press…show more content…
When walking in my dad was enraged and furious and as soon as we walked inside the conference room you could feel the tension in the room and see the frustration on the face of everyone in the room. So when the parents went on to talking saying that I was not safe for the school that I was a danger to society and that what I did was to not be tolerated at all and that I was to be banned from the school district because of my actions and so that their children would not have to walk around afraid of me while in school where they should feel safe. While the boys were sitting there the one boy who I pulled my friend off of I said go ahead and tell them the truth was it me or was it Blake that you were fighting and he said it was Blake. Blake my friend was my best friend we did everything together we had all the same class we always came to school together everything. When this came out I said tell them how you jumped Blake because he was hanging around me and not with you and they then said that they were supposed to jump me that day but because I wasn’t in school they jumped him instead. Blake was an Italian who would tan and had long black hair that he would always wear in a ponytail who looked nothing like me at all. When the principle pulled the attendance

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