Personal Narrative-African American Woman

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Unknown Hi i’m Bella. I look like a happy go lucky African american woman. Well to all that say that they only got one part right in that whole statement. I’m an average african american woman. I have nothing and no one to truly call my own. Its has been that way for so long time now. When i lost my parents my whole life changed and i couldn’t control myself any more. I was so lost. I refused to eat i never really ate anything only enough to survive. I still don’t know why i choose to keep living. I looked like a character from that old show the walking dead. In other words i looked like crap. I distanced myself from everyone and they quickly followed suit. Everyone knew what had happened and felt sorry for me. I just wanted to be left alone to fully mourn the loss of my parents. I thought that once i was contempt with it that all of my friends would come back to me. My seclusion was finally over. I was completely mistaken the only ones to come back to me were my two best friends in the whole world. Their names are Danella and bobby. They are both in the popular group. I still wonder why they would choose to hang out with a nobody like me. I am extremely grateful they did believe me but i can’t help …show more content…

Do you have anymore ideas or things less harmfull to the human body to get home. Her answer terrified me. She said she had nothing she would like to go through again in order to get home. What happened to you while you were here if you don’t mind. Too much happened i’d rather not tell someone i just met all i want to do now is get back to my loving husband. I have decided i am trying the only option we have right now. I hope i make it home. I wished myself luck as i did i thought what if that man is still right there. Will i have the strength to kill him. Not likely so i was carefull how deep i cut my wrist afraid of the

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