Personal Narrative: A White Person Who Has Affected My Life

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Throughout my high school career, I have met countless people who have greatly impacted my life. I have made and lost friends, but I have learned something from each and every person I have met. Moreover, I have become a strong, independent young woman due to the fact that I have grown and learned from each and every situation that I have been through. Even though I have met several people and have an abundance of friends, there was always one person who stuck out the most to me. In my sophomore year of high school, I met a boy who I grew undeniably fond of. He was a freshman at the time and we had developed a close friendship. He had become a person I could confide in, and he ended up being one of my best friends. With the mutual interest and feelings that we had developed for each other, we wanted to begin a relationship, but there was one problem; my father. …show more content…

My father is one of those people, and does not believe that a white person should be with a person of color. This situation was and continues to be an obstacle in my life because it is two years later and I am still not able to be with the person I love solely because of the color of his skin and my father's beliefs. This brings me to why I chose to apply to UCF. As I previously mentioned, I come from a rather small town that lacks diversity, which is not the environment I want to remain in any

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