Personal Narrative: Lake House

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Have you ever looked at suburban real estate and said, “That’s not for me?” How about mansions or lake houses or townhomes? If you have, there’s a fantastic alternative! Get ready to live completely disconnected from the outside world and blow tons of smoke rings in your own hobbit hole, built by master architects Baggins and Sons. Located in an undisclosed location, this comfy, cozy house will be your family’s favorite spot to relax, breathe in the fresh air, farm, and write autobiographies about your crazy and heroic adventure stories. Are you interested? Let’s begin. First of all, the exterior of the hole is absolute perfection. You get a perfect view of the sunrise and a fantastic front porch. Leading up to your soon-to-be house is a gravel…show more content…
The wooden designs have let our customers completely breathless, and they have walked out of this fantastic building burden-free and happy. Inside the kitchen, a large wine cellar awaits that can hold a dragon’s stomachful of alcoholic beverages. We’ve found that the living room is even enough to hold 12 dwarves, a hobbit and a wizard in the past! Our windows are circular, so that you can watch the sunset like no other sunset you’ve ever seen! What about bedrooms, you may be asking. Never fear, because this fantastic home has 4 of them, with 2 closets apiece. Also included are 3 bathrooms, that will dump your business right into the backyard for fertilizing your enormous garden. Truly, this is a game-changing piece of real-estate. In the end, there really is nothing like this establishment. From the patio to the huge den space, this house is sure to please every guest that walks through your circular door. Wherever you are in the house, you will feel at home and happy. So, WHY HAVEN’T YOU BOUGHT IT YET? It can be yours forever for 3 easy payments of $333.33 every fortnight! Included with your purchase is the absence of annoying electric bills and a pun shirt from our realty service! Finishing up, I still have no idea why you haven’t bought this hobbit hole
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