Personal Narrative: Life On The Front

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How have things been lately? I’m sure things are a little different without me but I hope you’re doing well. I’m pleased to say that I’m going all right up until now, and I hope to stay healthy till the end of the war. What we were told about war was very untruthful. There is no glamor to war, and thanks to the war our entire generation will be wiped out very soon. The life at the front is terrible. It’s been a month since I have been here but it didn’t take much to realize the difference between our training they gave us and the actual war we had to fight. Within the first week I could tell that the training we received wasn’t anywhere close to enough. The training center never prepared us for the continuous bombing, the continuous rattles of the ground, and definitely not the continuous fear we experience every moment and every second we’re here. The fear that the next explosion would drop right next to you,and you would be dead within seconds. No one trained us to be mentally ready for this trauma. No one ever told us that we would experience the limitless deaths of your pals or friends that would drop dead right in front of your eyes.We were never taught the truth. …show more content…

When Kemmerich died, the doctors made no attempts to save him, all they cared was for the bed. I doubt any of us will survive this war. Furthermore if any of us do survive this crazy war, we won’t have anything to do with our lives. We never got the chance to finish school, and no jobs will be made available. Kemmerich has already died; he is the first of us in this terrible chain of death. This war will forever scar me. It will always be a piece in my head, playing over and over again like a broken recorder. I have to prepare to face death everyday i’m awake . It has almost taken me over, the lines of life are running short. I have seen countless souls lost to the dictation of a few who won 't even fight

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