Personal Narrative: Moving Back To School At Montgomery College

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During the start and the end of the fall semester year of 2015/20116 at Montgomery College, my life changed dramatically for me. Going back to school after graduating four years ago at Baltimore Freedom Academy high schoolHigh School has been challenging for me, but of course it’s challenging for anybody with the same circumstances of not being academically active for all those years, and almost forgetting all the retained information that was given from previous teachers. I felt like my brain was rotting, yet the really bad part about it is that, I wasn’t doing what I loved, which was playing organized college basketball. Throughout my journey of the fall semester, challenges came my way from left to right, but the hardest of all that I’ve faced are adjusting to the student athlete life style again at a college level, trying to learn and complete all that’s given to me from my professor, and working a part time job to help support myself. Upon my preparation for the fall semester, I was able to work out during the summer at the Montgomery College gym, the gym was packed with other students that where were in the same …show more content…

I’ve been working and taking care of myself for the past three years since I moved out of my mother’s house at age 19, but ever since I became a student athlete things got tougher for me. Sometimes during the week I would have games for the whole week mostly weekends and sometimes during the week days of school. I would have to miss work and go to practice because of games the next day, or I would have to miss practice just because I was short on hours for the week. With so many hours missed at work comes issues with bills and rent payments, I try to as much as possible to pay my rent on time, but sometimes I struggle with payment because of insufficient

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