Personal Narrative: My Experience In The Military

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I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. My mother worked very hard and my father at times but he mostly attended to us at home, my older brother and myself. My father was a very abusive man, physically and mentally towards my brother, mother and myself. My father felt in his heart and mind that he was doing the right thing by disciplining us the way he did, if you believe breaking my arm was out of love. I began to develop an obsession with trying to make my father proud of me so that he could be happy, my brother developed hate for my father and he began to get in lots of trouble with the law. I channeled my angry energy in to art and praying for an outlet soon. I really needed to get away from it all, in 2001 I made a very big decision …show more content…

I was mentally hard on myself for every mistake and everything thing that I did because of my father, I never was good enough, never satisfied with anything I achieved. Because of my determination of wanting my father to be proud of me, in the military I received metals for sharp shooter and grenades, it’s pretty obvious who I thought about while I was training. Another great way to release frustration. My experience in the military change me in ways that would benefit me in my everyday life. I knew my father would be proud and he was until I got released from the military a couple of months after 911 took place. I borne a wonder little boy shortly after my release from the military, as my life was changing so was my perspective. I got married to my son’s father, although my father did not approve, I still got married due to society’s way of how ones’ life should go, and it was the right thing to do, the Lord’s way. My father did not show up to give me away. My husband turned out to be also an abusive person, he wanted some type of control that I couldn’t give him so he abused me often until one day things got bad and I saw myself in a place that I would never want to be,

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