Personal Narrative: My First AA Meeting

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As I spoon JIF creamy peanut butter and Breyers coffee ice cream into my mouth I contemplate my AA meeting. I purchased the Alcoholics Anonymous book a few months ago when you told me about the group therapy opportunity. The book is a little bit boring or maybe it’s too long and I get discouraged. Anyways, I was extremely excited to go to my first AA meeting. I live in Coral Springs so the AA meeting that was closest to my house was at First United Methodist Church, I HATE churches and I was completely turned off by the idea of walking into one. The meeting was at 7 o’clock, I got there at 6:41pm and walked through the holy doors of Jesus Christ. There was only one man named Phil inside, he was juggling a coffee pot and Publix chocolate chip cookies. I asked him if this is where the meeting was and he said yeah but you’re early. In his mind, he was sniffing out the nonalcoholic vibe I was giving, if it was really my first time coming to AA and if I was really an alcoholic then I would not come to the meeting 20 minutes early. I blew it, he knows. I didn’t want to tell anybody that I wasn’t an alcoholic because what if I wanted to come again? Then what? It’s weird enough if somebody isn’t an alcoholic and goes to AA but then that person just keeps coming …show more content…

Step 3, 5, 7, and 11, have the word God or Him in the text. Since AA is about becoming a spiritual person and having a spiritual awakening I do not think it’s appropriate to bring God into this. I also think some of the alcoholics think like that too. Most of the alcoholics were having trouble on step 3 and I could understand why. I do not like the idea of turning our responsibility over to somebody else in hopes that they will make the right decisions. I do not like the fact that the steps put so much importance on other people rather than the transformation of

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