Personal Narrative: My First Marching Band

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“You only fail when you stop trying.” It is early in my seventh grade year. I play trumpet in and out of school. Marching band is one of my favorite types of musical performances. My friends and my sister have also been in band and enjoyed it for a couple years as well. In middle September we had our first marching band parade. When our first parade rolls around we feel like we have practiced as much as we could. While we were put in our parade spots, I was put in the back one person away from the outside. It was a hot autumn day. Since my trumpet is metal, the mouthpiece burned off my lips. I was a little nervous that I was going to mess up either playing notes or my feet wouldn’t be in line. “Mark time mark,” shouted the drum major. When the parade started and we started marching I thought that I was going to do a great job this parade. The big booming brass section sounded amazing for Funkytown and Our School Song. While we marched my back felt like fire. The Sun just seemed to get hotter by the second. I didn’t let that stop me. I performed to my best ability to do the best I could. …show more content…

Everybody’s feet were in line and everybody sounded awesome. I was too busy looking at my fellow band members to pay attention to me. Now I felt like I was letting people down. My feet were not in time. I also didn’t realize that I kept playing wrong notes. I tried my absolute hardest to get my feet back in time since that was more important than one person playing a wrong note here or there. The band members were moving their feet too fast. I tripped. I was shocked that I didn’t fall down. The clash of my trumpet hit my braces so hard. It was painful. I tried to cover my mistake but I couldn’t. I heard someone from the audience shout, “That girl stinks. Teach her how to march with everyone else!” I was so embarrassed when I fell. I could’ve died from embarrassment right there. The laughter itself was strong enough to make me

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