Personal Narrative: My Grandma's Grave

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The mysterious grave
On a cold windy december day, My grandma and my mom and I, were going to visit my great grandma’s grave , the smell was the main thing that threw everyone off you could almost taste the flavor of death, she has recently died from being murdered , the man who did it was still on the run and we were trying to find him and stop him, we just needed evidence from her grave, which meant we had to dig her grave up and look for the piece of evidence that can finally do my great grandmother justice. We were digging digging and digging until I finally spoke up and said “this is taking forever” until my mother replied “first of all this grave has been sitting here for 20 years, please stop …show more content…

“How are we going to do this” I said “that’s why we have ranches honey” my mom replied, in my head I thought ‘isn’t this illegal or something’ but I wouldn’t dare saying that in front of my mother. Another problem came knocking on the door my mom and grandma weren’t really in shape, so the only option was for me to do it, but of course but like my mother I had noodle arms, but I was forced to do it either way. “Good job mija” my grandmother exclaimed once I forced it to open. We opened it and out came some insects and a breeze of death. We then looked and saw my great grandmother´s skeleton its was freighting but it was natural. “You try finding it” I said to my mother and she actually listened I was very surprised. “Oh I think i’ve found it, oh I did guys.” my mother yelled me and my grandmother. In our minds we thought about who we thought murdered her there were three suspects, Greg a man who had a strong hatred on her for no reason, Finn who was known for stalking her since 1908, and finally Howard a man who was in love with her, but when she broke his heart he had many plans to get back at

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