Gatlinburg-Personal Narrative

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When I was eight, my family could not believe what I was doing to my nanny on the way to Gatlinburg. My family and I begin to scavenge our belongings to place in my mother 's car, my anxiety and excitement begins to rise. We all start to swarm in the vehicle and to my recollection, I notice the sun beginning to ascend over the horizon. My mother stomped on the gas pedal to accelerate the car forward out of our driveway onto the road. In the car, my parents occupy the front driver and passenger seats, my brother sits next to the window behind my mother and I sit behind my father, which leaves the middle seat for my nanny to take up. On the way, we all resolved to make a pit-stop by McDonald 's to get some breakfast. Our on selves stayed approximately an hour seeing that I pleaded my family to get back onto the road on behalf of my patience escalating very slim. …show more content…

Traveling further north, we pass through the city of Huntsville; I view fantastic structures that I have not portrayed before in person such as rockets, space-shuttles, and tanks that furthers my hullabaloo of joy. By noon, the time all of us reached Chattanooga, I was feeling very energetic. My parents and nanny tried to restrain me from potentially hurting myself and quite frankly them too. And that did not work, I looked for retaliation, and after I acted as if I was perched. I poked-out my finger and out-of-nowhere, since my grandmother was the closest, I poked her in the neck. And for some reason for each of us in the car, but my nanny was absolutely hysterical. I continued to do it till we reached Gatlinburg and after that trip my nanny would never go back on another one with us. Until, my brother and I are older, so we would not act like wild hyenas on a family trip

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