Gatlinburg Tennessee: A Narrative Analysis

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Best Moment - Gatlinburg Tennessee. “Wake up Andrew, Almost time to leave.” Mom said as walking away from my door. I 've never been so awake and excited in my life. This is the first time we’ve ever gone to Gatlinburg Tennessee. The trip there was around 14 hours, stopping at a hotel on the way down. Finally The long ride was over. We saw the sign “Welcome to Tennessee” it stated, We have finally arrived. We left early, When we arrived at our log cabin in the Mountains of Gatlinburg, We unpacked, got settled, ect. It was around noonish, we went into the city. Beautiful was the first thought in my mind. We looked around to see what was around the area and we found something we’ve never seen before. “Indoor SkyDiving” Never seen this before,

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