Personal Narrative: My Observation Of Laramie Ave

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In summary, on 09/21/15 at 0418 hours I was patrolling the area of 1600 S. Laramie Ave., at which time I observed a male subject with a youthful appearance walking northbound 16th Street. I made contact with the subject, at which time he identified himself as (Rosas, Alexis DOB 04/21/97). While speaking with Rosas, I detected a strong odor of fresh cannabis emanating from his person. Rosas related he had some cannabis in his sweater pocket. I recovered a silver box containing a green leafy substance from Rosas ' right sweater pocket. Rosas was placed into custody at 0334 hours and transported to the Cicero Police Station to be processed. At the Cicero Police Station the green leafy substance was tested and weighed (positive for THC/3.5 grams).

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