Personal Narrative: My Interview With A Vietnam Soldier

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A Vietnam vet? Where am I going to find a Vietnam vet for this assignment? When I first learned about this interview assignment, I did not know what to write about of who to interview. Until I remembered that my grandfather name Felix Ruiz went to the Vietnam War. My grandfather was born in San Sebastian, Puerto Rico in 1938. He came to the United States in 1957. He was 19 years old when he first came to the United States. Later, he looked for a job to start working and he told me he worked at this company called the bookbinder. He went to school but for a while, he said, he never really like school. In 1958, Army recruiters were looking for people to join the Army for the War in Vietnam, one of the recruiter ran towards my grandpa and told my grandpa if he likes the military and he said yes, but he told the recruiter that he do not have time for that right now. However, one day my grandpa made the decision to join the Army and go to War. Today, I am to inform about this great interview that I had with my grandfather Felix Ruiz during getting enlisted in the Army during the 1960s.
My grandpa was nice enough to take time out of his schedule to tell me about his war experiences. My interview with him has made me realize what everyone involved in that war went through and …show more content…

He said, “I was so nervous that my heart started to beat so fast and I was sweating out of nowhere. I believe I Spent eighteen long hours on a plane flying across the Pacific Ocean. It was very hot and humid that day.” My grandpa was so apprehensive and nervous that for a second it may have seemed that the he smelled in the air was his own fear. He recalled what he first thought about the Vietnam War. He said, “How would I feel looking at another man across the barrel of a gun who was just like me, with a family, who just wanted to go home and live in peace, and be ordered to shoot

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