Personal Narrative: My-Kayla

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My-Kayla responded well to the intervention My –Kayla continues to make progress towards her goals. My-Kayla stated, not doing well in school, having to move again, not being able to be with her mom and having to move to a new school.MY-Kala stated, that her feeling are sadness, frustration depression and anger. My-Kayla stated, taking exams, having to speaking in front of her peers, being embarrassed, fear, and anxious. My-Kayla stated, talks to friend, play games, exercise, and ride her bike. My-Kayla stated, having a bad day, losing a game, not feeling well and worrying about things. My-Kayla stated, feel depress, have negative behavior and isolate herself. My-Kayla and her dad answered questions to update her PCP. Dad stated that My-Kayla
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