Personal Narrative: My Life As A Rose Scholar

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Rose House is a close knit community that allows me to freely express my opinions and collaborate with my fellow peers. Being a Rose Scholar, I have realized how attending events allowed me to broaden my intellectual ability and bond with my peers. I have made my closest friends from participating in the Rose Scholars events. I feel Rose has a lot to offer to its residents and being a student assistant will allow me to pass my experiences to new and current residents.

As a transfer student from a community college, Cornell was and still is a big transition for me. At one point, it became overwhelming since I thought I was not fulfilling my loved ones’ expectations. College was not a new experience, but Cornell was. I was not sure if I would fit in this new environment. At times I found myself in libraries for hours. I would skip lunch or even …show more content…

After a few weeks in, I realized that this lifestyle is not healthy, for my physical and mental wellbeing. And luckily, I had Rose Scholars. Initially, I had applied to the program to get guaranteed housing. However, I found myself enjoying the events. Often times, I would attend more than one event. It not only gave me a break from my stressful week, but also allowed me to bond with my floormates and other Rose residents. Most of my friends are from the Rose House. And when the SA position came to me, I thought what could be a better way for me to share my experiences as a transfer student to other students. I can perhaps advice other transfer students for the challenges they might face in their daily lives. Students find themselves lost because of one bad prelim, but

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