Personal Narrative: My Scout Refugee

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In November of 2014, my scout troop took a hike in the Cohutta wilderness. It was a small group, maybe 10 kids and 2 adults. Mr. Deveau, our troop leader was there, along with another scout leader, Judge Frank C. Mills. We backpacked 3 miles into the woods, stopped, and camped overnight at Breye’s field, a trail camp sight. The next morning we packed up and left. Then it started. Cody Childers, a scout on the trip, was not the healthiest of the bunch. He had put maple syrup in his water bottle and drank that during the hike to the camp. After about a mile on the hike back, he was moving as slow as molasses. He and Mr. Deveau walked ahead while we stopped to relieve ourselves. We caught up to them after about 5 minutes of walking, so to

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