Personal Narrative On Alpine Skiing

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For as long as I can remember I have been a skier. Two years ago I decided to try alpine touring (or randonnée skiing). The only real difference between alpine touring and downhill is that instead of taking the chairlift up the mountain, you put skins on the bottom of your skis and hike up.

It was probably around 6 in the morning in early March when my ski group and I woke up from our slumbers in the warm, cozy lodge, threw our packs and skins on, and set off down the trail. We were hoping to catch the sunrise, in about an hour, from a weather tower at the top of the ski mountain we were on. It was a hard trail, with lots of steep uphills and sheer downhills, but we pushed on at a rapid pace because we were all very eager to see the sunrise. About 45 minutes later we arrived at the windy, frigid summit. We quickly pulled off our sticky, ice cold skins and popped our frozen sleet covered boots out of the bindings. Then we walked slowly toward the tower with our heads bent down to avoid the biting, freezing wind. As we reached the tower, the wind started to calm down and we could see the beautiful pink and blue sky spanning for miles in every direction. As we got closer to the emergence of the sun, my friend Dan and I sat down on the soft, fluffy, white snow. The whole group waited for a couple minutes, chatting amongst ourselves when the golden, shining, radiant sun rose up from below the horizon. The view that we had was more beautiful than could ever be described by words. As Dan and I sat there, staring at the shades of color that filled the sky, he said to me “You might never see something this beautiful again in your life.” The beauty lasted for another 10 minutes, and just like that, it was gone as …show more content…

This experience also taught me to live in the moment. These two lessons are very important to me because they set me on the road of learning to experience life to its

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