Personal Narrative: Overcoming The Tides Of Change

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Taking my very first steps into the United States at 10 years old, I naïvely thought that becoming an immigrant only meant enduring a bumpy plane ride. I was a boy, unaware of the challenging events that would significantly impact my life. Disguised in those events though, were valuable lessons that taught me about overcoming the tides of change. My first time attending a class in the United States, my heart dropped at finding out how significantly behind I was in the curriculum. Compounding to my feeling of alienation and discouragement, were many classmates that found it fun to mock me for my appearance and how I spoke. My single mother and I relocated every time she found a better job opportunity, which lead to my nine school transfers. Consequently, there were years where I commuted two hours every day to get to school and back. Moreover, I had to attend schools where students dealt and used drugs.…show more content…
I willed myself to communicate effectively. I helped my classmates see past our differences by being kind and studying with them. The two hours I spent commuting everyday was to attend the best school I could. My efforts became the genesis of my Academic Excellence and Scholar Athlete Awards, as well as lifelong friendships. Without a doubt, if I had not met such changes in my life with the same eagerness to excel, I would not be as well-adjusted of a person as I am
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