Personal Narrative: Return To The Dominican Republic

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“I will miss everyone” were my last words before I get in the car, a sunday at 6:30 pm it was a very sad moment I didn 't have idea about when I was going to come again. The only thing I knew was that I was going to miss everyone and everything. But, I also knew that it was all for a better future and a better life.

I left my country Dominican Republic and part of my family even though didn 't know when I was going to see them again. It was a very sad moment when I had to say goodbye, the words didn 't even wanted to come out of my mouth. Whenever, I felt like a part of me were staying with them and that my life will not be the same. Since, I was just 12 years old and I had no idea about how leaving my country and part of my family was going to change my life, I thought that was just stupid. So that, I were angry and crying for almost one week. It is really sad and hard when you have to leave the people you lived with for 12 years and not only that, if no also leave your country without having no idea how you were going to live and how was everything in another country.

After I leave to the airport, the whole trip I was just thinking and worried about how my life …show more content…

Finally 2 months later, I started school, everything was different to my country and there were people from all countries. I made new friends and I was doing so good in school, I were learning a new language, English, it was amazing. Even though,it was hard to read and speak the english i felt comfortable because in my class everyone was just learning like me. After the time passed I did it, but now i’m out of the ESL and sometimes I feel bad and less the other because almost in all my classes everyone can speak and understand English pretty good . While sometimes I don 't understand certain things and I feel embarrassed to ask for help or say that I didn 't understands. But, I realized the big change in my life. This taught me that sometimes life is hard but everything happens for a

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