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Personal Narrative Seed Folks The thought of being 16 and pregnancy has always weight down on me growing up. I was scare of my family history trying my best not to repeat the life of my mother. In 2001 I was so happy I made it. I accomplish what no one in my family was able to accomplish. I finished high school and even enrolled into college. By this point I had already set a goal for myself. Right before the fall semester was starting my plan was put on hold due to my family leaving are land to move to the city. This was a tremendous change for someone that lived on 10 acres of land and the nearest neighbor was miles away. By the end of the year I was pregnant with my first child. I remember feeling like my life was over. Like I am fresh …show more content…

She felt as if her life was over. She had many bad thoughts as do many girls in her situation. Maricela dropped out of high school and enrolled into a GED program. One of the woman in the program got the girls a spot at the community garden. With the practice from the garden the girls would gain a sense of caring for there own child. She also had a little jealous toward one of the pregnant girls that was not showing. She stated I cannot wait till she gets hug. I am sure this is how my sister was feeling when I was gradationing from high school and she was having her first child. While at the garden Maricela spoke to many people at the garden. One really made her aware of what she had growing in her belly. She said that nature did not run on electricity or a clock and how nature ran on sunlight and rain. This helped Maricela see that her body was going through changes, but the changes was part of nature. At some point in are life all three of us where Maricela. I see my mother as Ms. Leno the women who helped her hold her head up high. In life we all have unexplained feels at some time or another in which we do not understand that some experiences are met to help guide

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