Personal Narrative: The Butterfly Effect

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The butterfly effect is a well-known concept that is known to many as little to small changes that can make a unique difference to the scenario, and will have greater effects to it. In the article, Chaos by Gleick James, Lorenz had some many interesting examples of the butterfly effect taking action, how certain equations can make that small impact to make the biggest difference in the world. He called the device his Royal McBee. In Lorenz’s system of equations, his small errors proved to be heavily catastrophic. Back in my teenage years, I use to play basketball and in the last few seconds I made the buzzer shot which made a small impact in points but major difference in the winning score. Everything seemed so slow and time felt like it was…show more content…
It helped me realize that the small impact to my sport activities helped me become more active than lazy. That small difference of joining a basketball league helped me embrace that path with ease. The idea of the butterfly effect strengthens my own self confidence by realizing anything I do or apply in my life makes a huge difference without my realization. For example, sitting in front of the class shows I am eager to learn even though my disabilities hold me back, but with my self-confidence I tend to overcome my disabilities by becoming an independent student and that has made a major impact. Not only does it make me feel more in charge of my life but I have a positive attitude just by taking a small transition instead of seeking for answers I learn them, but I always overthink things which can have a negative impact too. It’s good to stay simple and open minded because you never know how much of a difference that can really have until you try it out yourself. Lorenz tried different patterns to figure out his way with meteorology, you can apply the same idea to your life and see a major difference good or bad it never hurts to try because the effect can be quite

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