Personal Narrative: A Great Battle

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It was a taciturn gloomy morning, the year of 1862. The 12th of September. At the end of it, I might be with my family again or buried someplace underground. It was my time to go into battle as soon as I finish saying goodbye to my loved ones. The tears slid down my wife’s face and my daughters lingered into their mother’s arms to cover their dripping faces. I gave everyone one last family hug as my wife said to me “Be careful”. We were headed towards the war fought on the Northern grounds, prepared but worried as well, whether or not we would survive. Major General B. McClellan was in charge of the Union troops, who were to accountable for defending Washington DC, against Lee’s attack. McClellan’s Army came across Lee’s men three days before the war …show more content…

The day I knew that was once gloomy was now stormy and windy. I tried to calm down, but there was so much going on and I was still in utterly shock from my wound. I tried to make my way up, but I couldn’t. I lied down hoping the enemies wouldn’t notice. The other men were crouched down under the hills of Sharpsburg as they fired at the Union troops. A large amount of Northers went through the Confederate’s line and the Union’s shorts went down the lane at the Confederate soldiers. Later, the area we had fought at is known as the Bloody Lane because there were so many people who suffered and so many lives were lost. The Southerners fled back to Sharpsburg, while the Union troops stayed.
It was night and the Confederates were at the town of Sharpsburg, but the Union troops won the battle. Numerous people were killed, people I had just spoke to this morning gone. I knew their families would be devastated, my would’ve too but luckily I was just injured. More than about 23,000 men were killed that day. Although, it was a total of 114,000 who either died, wounded, or lost during the fighting conflict. At least I get to see my

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