Personal Narrative: The Outsiders

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Elen Vaquero #21551 November 10, 2017 Narrative Merrell/ Wood, 4th period The outsiders >>>WHAT THEY DON’T KNOW ABOUT ME.....<<< ¨Hey uhm Ponyboy today we gotta rumble,are you okay,you don't look that well¨ ¨Yeah, Darry I’m fine, why wouldn't I be okay, just that I have a very small headache, nothing to worry about ¨ Well to be honest I look at Ponyboy and well I did not think he was okay,but when he said he had a headache, to be sincere I did not want to take him to the rumble with us, but I did not want to make him feel bad, so I went to the store and bought some aspirins for his headache.I got back from the store and handed Pony the aspirins and got him some water.We were in our way to the rumble, and when we got there I was just
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