Personal Narrative: The Trinity Basketball Team

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The buzzer going off, the crowd cheering, for the first time in school history, Trinty Clinton Township are state chapions.

That team made history, acheiving far more than what any spartan was thought possible, but this team accomplished far more than a state championship.

There has been Trinity greats that have made a mark in the Trinity basketball program history. I knew, this being my last year at trinity, that
I had had mighty big shoes to fill if I also wanted to make a perminet mark at trinity.

"The differance between successful people and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will"- Vince Lambardi. The team of 2015 was diffrent than previous spartan teams. Even though we had just came off a state championship, we still had to give a 100 percent effer everytime we steped on the …show more content…

We lost our first game of the season. That game chanleged us all. Would continue to stare at the dirt or reach for the stars. We continued to strugle as team. It was my turn to take charge as a leader for this team, but I letting everything just go bye.

What is a leader, a leader is someone who has a vission and passion and should not be afraid of any problems, insted, he should know how to defeat it. I didnt know how to defeat it, no one did. We got lost, caught up in the hype, glory, and the relentless pressure to stay on top, insted of working for that championship ring, we were just waiting for someone to put on for us.

The Trinity basketball program was founded on certain ideals, but those ideals were drounded. We didn 't accomplish what previous Spartan teams did but Champions are not the ones who always win the races, but the ones who try and try again, and try harder each and every time. 'Champion ' is a state of mind. We didnt win much, but what we did do was rebuild the ideals that our basketball program was founded

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