Personal Narrative: The Truth About Pretty Operations

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The Truth About Pretty Operations. For the past 40 years, technology has advanced to make our society a better place. 40 years ago, we didn’t have the technology we have now. There were no hoverboards. There were no sensors. And there were no pretty operations. These operations have been around for a long time, and are a must when we turn 16. But did anyone question where these operations came from? What is the secret behind these operations. On Saturday, runaway Tally Youngblood, and her friends Shay and David, have discovered the truth about the pretty operations. They aren’t so pretty after all. Runaways Dr. Az and his wife Dr. Maddy, parents of David, discover the aftermath of the operation, They found lesions in the brain, tiny cells that don’t belong there. However they are barely visible. …show more content…

They weren’t cancerous cells, since they didn’t spread. After Special Circumstances had attacked the Smoke to find Tally Youngblood, Shay, one of Tally’s friends and a runaway, was turned pretty. “I woke up and the whole city was on fire.” said Youngblood, “I tried to escape, I was almost there when one of the specials caughts me. They took me to a rabbit pen, where I saw Shay and the rest of my friends, and she was an ugly. But when I later saw her at Uglyville, she was a pretty.” But that’s not the only thing she noticed. Shay started to act and think differently. “When I first met Shay” says Youngblood, “she didn’t believe in the operation, which is why she ran away. Once she got the operation, she started to get into what pretties do. Partying.” “I knew something was off” continues Youngblood. “Dr,

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