Personal Narrative-The Wife Of Bath

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Patrick O’brian was a neat freak as a child. He washed his hands every five minutes, and he did things like wash each grape twice before he put it into his mouth. Other children loved to play in the dirt...not Patric. One day he was sanitizing his hands as he was walking to the school, and he tripped and fell into a puddle of toxic sewer water, and from then on, he was known as “The Incredible Sewer Titan!” After that horrid puddle of toxic sewer water Patric loved the dirt, and he loved getting dirty! He used to dress in neat collared shirts (that he washed himself), but now he only wore dirty rags, and if it was cold he would smear wet dirt all over his body. Also, the toxic sewer water gave him powers! He could shoot sewer water…show more content…
But how? How would he make the whole world completely clean? How is that possible? Well… he created a brainwashing device! Sure, I said he was poor, and only had a few pennies, but I never said he was dumb! He was a criminal genus!!! (Obviously, he was not genius enough to outsmart the sewer titan though.) Almost every day he would sneak up to the city, and try to plug his brain washing device into the tallest tower in new york! He wore a giant hollowed out soap bar, which had cut outs for the arms, legs, and neck. They battled almost every day, and quite frankly, the Incredible Sewer Titan was getting very bored, and he knew that he had to finish off Soap Guy once and for all. He started brainstorming with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He had a plan. The next day he waited in the tallest tower in new york, and waited by the outlet that soap man usually tried to plug the device into. The sewer titan decided to hide, and use the element of surprise. The night before he attached a ramp to the ceiling, and in the ramp he would roll a balloon full of dirty sewer water, and fly feces. When Soap Guy walked in, the door would trigger the balloon, which would roll down the track and hit soap man! The sewer
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