Persuasive Essay About Training A Dog

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People set out with the best intentions in the world when it comes to training their dogs. They see dog trainers on TV or they read about dog training on the Internet and it looks so easy. So, what goes wrong? What are the most common dog training mistakes?

Some of the things that happen to sabotage your efforts to train your dog occur before you ever put a leash on your dog.

Many dogs have behavior problems and training issues because they don 't receive enough exercise. Your dog may not be able to focus on anything you try to teach him because he 's been stuck in the house all day and he just wants to play. Before you try to do any training with your dog make sure that he has had plenty of time to burn off some energy, especially if he is a puppy or young dog. Staying in the house all day without enough exercise is also one of the primary reasons why dogs develop behavior problems. Many dogs become destructive out of boredom. Remember that your dog will be much less likely to destroy your house if he has some good exercise everyday. You should also be sure that he has plenty of his own things to chew on. It 's a lot cheaper to replace $5 dog toys than a $1000 sofa.

Also contributing to hyperactive dogs is the food that many people feed their canine friend. Many foods today have very high levels of protein. Some of these foods are designed for canine athletes, such as sled dogs or racing Greyhounds. Before you buy a high protein food for your dog you should consider
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