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Abortion is a very controversial and hot topic that has recently become even more popular as new laws have passed, banning abortion across many states. Some argue that women should have the right to what they want with their bodies and children and that abortions are safe procedures that actually save lives. However, others argue that abortion is murder and that it prevents a culture in which life is disposable. Despite the vast disagreement between pro-lifers and pro-choicers, they both adopt particular language through positive and negative connotations in vocabulary, factual and logic-based evidence, and euphemisms and dysphemisms in order to better persuade their targeted audiences. The positive and negative connotations placed on words …show more content…

This is seen through a pro-choice argument (for abortion), as the death rates of different causes are stated. “The death rate for legal abortions is 0.7 deaths for every 100,000 abortions. By contrast, there are one to two deaths per 100,000 plastic surgery procedures, three deaths for every 100,000 colonoscopies, and three to six deaths per 100,000 tonsillectomies. Childbirth has nine deaths per 100,000 deliveries” (Abortions para. 1). This language is straight to the point and is highly factual, as death rates are simply being compared with no strings attached or other comments being added. A pro-life argument (against abortion) also uses this language strategy. “Life begins from the moment of conception when the sperm fertilizes the egg because there is the creation of a new, totally distinct, integrated organism or a human being, which is going to be biologically distinct from all other life forms on this planet” (Abortions para. 7). This argument speaks very technically about how life begins at conception, and ending that life would be considered …show more content…

First off, a pro-choice argument states that “abortion bans bodily autonomy…” (Abortions para. 24). The term “bodily autonomy” is a euphemism that puts the real meaning: the right to govern what happens to someone’s own body, into a simpler and more condensed form, to let their argument flow better with this euphemism. On the other hand, dysphemism is used in a pro-life argument to make abortions appear worse. The argument says that abortions are connected to “throwaway culture”, a remark and dysphemism by Pope Francis that essentially means a society in which everything, including products and lives, is seen as disposable (Abortions para.

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