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Any person who is not cautious can suddenly find themselves having to face a natural hair and beauty nightmare, that will have them sitting with the definitive question: how to grow your edges back. Our edges at the forefront of our appearance, they are definitely a defining beauty feature and they are also one of the most delicate part of our hair.
Whether you opt to have them slicked back or lose in their frizzy glory, we certainly do not take them lightly. It is very embarrassing and definitely not fun to see what was once a full thick hairline turn into craggy broken, balding edges
Honestly, you can be left feeling incomplete and hopeless. Particularly seeing all the negative reactions many celebrities experience if they are ever caught with not so full edges.
Thankfully if you should eve be in the situation where you are losing your edges, here are some practical solutions
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It is not advisable to have weaves back to back, but you can use this as a temporary fix to let your edges rest without losing your favorite hairstyles.

We have known about emu oil and skin health for a while, but emu oil for edges is quickly gaining momentum. Emu oil is cloudy but lightweight and blends easily with other oils. It is excellent for hair and skin as it is doesn’t feel oily or greasy. It helps encourage the follicles to produce healthy hair. A constant emu oil scalp massage helps in edge re-growth.
It is vital you remember, to avoid styles that pull your hair back, when re-growing your edges. Give your scalp a break and don’t brush it for it to recover. Besides the regular massages, letting the oil do its work uninterrupted will help regenerate your beautiful edges.
Thinning edges are not fun, not by any definition. But there are ways to regrow edges stronger. All they need is a little TLC to nudge it back to its best

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