Persuasive Essay On Immigration Issues

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There has been a lot of debate on immigration and how we should deal with it. There are many different ways to solve this problem. Donald Trump has a very different approach to this problem than most. Denying people access into this country goes against how this country works and how it was founded. First, Donald Trump would like to build a wall roughly 2,000 miles across the border of Mexico. He said that the wall would cost around 10-12 billion dollars but, a study in Washington showed that it would actually cost about 25 billion dollars. It does not include maintenance either which the taxpayers will be paying for forever. That is significantly more than what Donald said. It is almost twice as much as Nasa’s annual budget. It would be the…show more content…
Many immigrants from mexico come here by plane. The wall would have to go through mountains, villages, and many other obstacles. On top of all of that he would like Mexico to pay for the costs of the wall. He hasn’t given much detail on how he plans to do that. Second, deporting the illegal immigrants. If Donald Trump to his pledges on immigration than Donald Trump plans to immediately deport illegal immigrants after his inauguration in January. It’s unclear how he plans to implement such a strategy. He plans to deport around 2 to 3 million immigrants which would roughly be around the amount people Obama deported over the course of six years. Finding the millions of criminal aliens will be a nearly impossible task and deporting them would cost the government billions. He would have to do this while protecting the border at the same time. Third, he may not actually build the wall. It’s far more probable that he will utilize the tools available to crack down on immigration. It’s also highly likely that his plan could backfire on him. If border security is increased it will not stop people from coming in but, it will discourage them from leaving.In conclusion, it is honestly sad and disappointing that people would choose someone like Donald Trump to represent our country. Also it’s very strange that the republican party could go from someone like Abraham Lincoln to Donald Trump. All we can do now is hope that he is the right man for the
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