Persuasive Essay On Impeachment

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Impeaching the president is accusing the president of a crime, and putting him in jail, or any other punishment. Impeachment is a very serious and time consuming process, but is for the good of the people. Impeachment makes the president and the people even in crime, and many people love impeachment if it is needed. Impeachment has a lot of steps, and people checking each other, but there hasn 't been to many real impeachments that have taken action. Impeachment takes some time with the checking of everything, and the decisions but it pays off in the end.The first step is the house of Representatives declaring impeachment, then the House Judiciary Committee looks over it and checks if there’s problems. If there are enough problems for the person to be potentially impeached, they write an article of all the problems and evidence. Next, there is a vote by the House Judiciary Committee and votes to see if they are gonna go ahead and try to impeach, majority vote. Then, the House of Representatives votes on the articles to see if they like them, then the person is officially impeached, but they don’t know the punishment yet. The person goes to court next, and…show more content…
Andrew Johnson was impeached because he let some slaves free and become a citizen, and even vote. During the time of his presidency, white and black people were not equal and white’s didn’t like black people being among them and equal. Andrew Johnson was also impeached for other reasons also, but freedom of slaves was one of the main reasons. Bill Clinton is another example of an official being impeached. Clinton was impeached because he owed a lot of money and never payed it. Clinton was in thousands of dollars of debt for multiple years being president and was in a lot of trouble when people figured it out. Clinton also lied a lot about a lot of different
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