Persuasive Essay On Iu Fishing

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mainly talked about the Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing both in US domestic waters as well as high seas.
IUU fishing impacts sustainable global fisheries, food security, marine ecosystems, and conservation and management measures that protect marine resources. According to NOAA, IUU fishing significantly affects multi-billion dollar US fisheries industry. Therefore, I think the speaker is addressing an important issue. I learned a bunch of new things from this presentation. For example: 1) The Magnuson‐Stevens Act (Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act) that deals with the conservation and management of sustainable fisheries in the US waters as well as promotes US commercial fisheries. 2) Presidential Task Force and its recommendations to prevent IUU Fishing, which is a historic step to
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The speaker provided sufficient amount of details and real examples to explain her points. Some information was very helpful, for example, what are the US Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) and their usefulness for the Pacific islands; how is life in fishing boats in open oceans, what does US do to regulate IUU? She also showed many interesting photos, for example, auction port in Hawaii and the exorbitant $736,000 giant tuna. Overall, the presentation was aesthetically pleasant, well organized and professional.
Although, the presentation was interesting, I would like to see some data on IUU (i., e., what is the extent and rate of IUU, how many cases NOAA prosecute and settle per year?) that will strengthen NOAA’s action on IUU. In addition, the presentation was somewhat short compared to other presentations that we have in our colloquium.
The two things I would like to add to my own presentation are the liveliness and clarity of the speaker while presenting. I would also like to share any relevant experiences with the audience that will make my presentation more
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