Persuasive Essay On Legalizing Abortion

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The harsh mindsets held from the beginning of America have created a climate with little to no growth. Since the 1970’s, women all over the nation have been fighting lawmakers to legalize abortions for any circumstance other than being sexually assaulted or if the pregnancy will be detrimental to the woman’s health. For the next 100 years, women rights issues still haven’t had a solid solution, the debate since then has been split off into different positions; pro choice and pro life, making the conversation about abortion more complex and tangled. The factors that go into legalizing abortion aren't being influenced or truly determined by women, much of the final decisions are made by men who have no idea nor understand what it's actually like to be a woman. Vital factors to concern are what exactly is this right’s purpose, the economic factors …show more content…

What the abortion debate needs is empathy, not narcissism. Empathy that not every woman has your life, your privileges, your options, which is why your experience isn't a high priority here. It doesn’t matter if you had an abortion and regretted it, or loved it so much you celebrated the moment on Instagram with a jazzy filter, because abortion is a collective issue, not an individual one. Reducing it to the personal experience is the worst kind of form of brave self-exposure. If the only argument you have is yourself, then you need to think more about your argument and less about

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