Persuasive Essay On Mexican Immigration

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In this year’s hotly contested US presidential campaign, Mexican immigrants are being painted as mooches spilling over our southern border. According to one candidate, they are such a problem that a massive concrete wall must be erected to keep them out. Reality is much different. Indeed, the inflow of Mexican immigrants today is a small fraction of what it once was, off nearly 90 percent from its peak in the year 2000. Net migration from Mexico is actually negative, regardless all the bloviating about in campaign speeches. Still, family immigration, naturalization & citizenship and deportation defense remain challenging issues that must remain in the forefront of public conversation after the election is over.

Labor shortages
Another piece to this puzzle is the amount of labor provided by Mexican immigrants. With unemployment at less than 5 percent nationwide, businesses in the US are having trouble finding workers, especially for low-skilled positions. These are jobs that have long been filled by Mexican immigrants, even though most were undocumented because our current system of visas does not offer much leeway for guest workers. There is a large void being created that can be filled by Mexican workers, and the help of a good immigration attorney. …show more content…

Additionally, a temporary worker program could help alleviate labor shortages, employ those willing to travel to the United States for work, and offer them a taste of living in the country. Without changing our current laws, the US is expected to enter a state of chronic shortages of workers. This will lead to higher prices and longer wait times in the service sector. In agriculture and goods, it means offshoring production and

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