Persuasive Essay On Obama Care

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How many of you Know anything about health care? Well the health care issue is really a big thing that is going around the world today, that a lot of people are not aware of. Something that Obama put into effect was called the “ObamaCare”. The main goal of this Plan was to cut the rate of people in the United States that did not have any coverage and to be able to afford insurance for themselves and their family’s.To do this he made it mandatory for everyone to get insurance thus lowering the medical costs. Another one of his goals was to try to lower the premiums and also the taxes that people have to pay. Since the plan was started more than 20 million uninsured people have gotten insurance under the plan. So to really get a deeper understanding of Health care we really have to dig deeper into the politics of it, looking at Civil …show more content…

So First to really to get into civil liberties and civil rights we have to know what they mean. Civil liberties are rights that place a limit on what the government can do; basically it gives individual freedom to people without them stepping over the line. Next is civil rights which are rights that the government can step in, but will treat everyone equally and fairly. So some people in the US do not think it is necessary to have Health Insurance so they just decide not to get it. And what does that do for everyone that has insurance? Well it makes everyone else pay more money in taxes for making up for the money that the people who don't have insurance can't afford to pay. Know to discuss Civil Liberties and Civil rights. Do you think the government can Say you must have insurance or should it be a option where if you want it then it is there for you to have. Something that was brought into Obamacare was the Individual Mandate which is a policy that requires every single American to have insurance or to pay a penalty. The penalty for this if you did not comply was $395 per person

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