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Eight years ago, Rose from Kampala, Uganda went to school everyday like any average 17-year-old. But, when she got home from school, she spent the rest of her day doing her chores, which mainly includes gathering fresh water. It took Rose and other female citizens of Uganda nearly six hours a day to find and collect water that is good enough to drink (Rose’s).
Soon, Rose had no choice but to dropout of High School, so she could gather water quicker and easier. She had a job, that didn 't pay very well, and saved up an entire years worth of money on a toilet for her mother, that didn 't even end up working very well. This went on for a couple more years and she soon had a child that she had to raise by herself. Her work was doubled, because …show more content…

The charcoal factory payed a little better than her last job, she worked at. She still did not get the money she needed, to take care of the baby and get all the food and water she needed. is an organization dedicated into helping people get the clean water they deserve and need. loaned Rose money, that she was able to buy a new bathroom and sink, for her house and for her kids. also donated her money to start he own charcoal business, and her business ended up doing better than her old job. She know has two children and told about how her customers like the company “My customers like my product, they always come back for more.” and thanked for their help …show more content…

But, unfortunately this may not be what they get. Lots of families across Africa, South America, and parts of Asia are not getting the amount of essential water needed to live a long happy life together. But, thankfully is trying to help those families that happen to be in those situations. has helped over 10,000 different families from Africa, South America, and parts of Asia get the daily water they need to survive. On average it takes about 6 hours for them to gather water, and that takes away from time the kids should be in school learning. Another interesting fact is that Toilets are one of the most important water sources in our everyday lives. "Most of us don 't know anyone who lives without a toilet. But the reality is 2.3 billion people spend hours every day searching for a safe place to go," said Matt Damon, co-founder

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