If We The Fault In Our Stars By John Green

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When it comes to our world, the real world, the one without the fiction and details, everyone can be dissatisfied. All of us, live in a society where we take for granted everything we have. A perfect example is us, the teenage community. We live our life with tons of unnecessary temper, going day by day being furious, believing the world owes everything to us. Don 't get me wrong, there 's many teenagers that appreciate everything that is done for them, but the majority don 't. We want things made our way, to our liking, and nothing else. Everyone surrounding us may suffer because of this, but it doesn 't matter to us because we are getting our way. What we don 't realize is that there are a lot of teens, living day by day anticipating that they get what they want because they can 't. Kids with cancer, want to survive and overcome their sickness. The only way we can feel what they are feeling is by taking a step in their shoes. Walking in their shoes will allow us to apprehend that the world doesn 't owe us anything and that we have nothing horrendous going on if we …show more content…

The Fault in Our Stars is a beautiful novel written by John Green. This story takes place in Amsterdam and Indianapolis, where it 's based mainly on two characters, Hazel, and Augustus. Hazel is facing stage four Thyroid cancer, and Augustus suffers from osteosarcoma, another form of cancer. Hazel is a very heartwarming character who never gives up no matter what, but like most teenagers, she dislikes doing what her parents believe is good for her. Her parents tried convincing her to attend a support group, but she just didn 't buy it until one day her mom forces her to go. During her support group, Hazel meets Augustus and they fall in love, knowing that their relationship might not last because they both have cancer. Despite that fact, Hazel and Augustus begin to become really close showing us what true love and friendship is, allowing us to feel sad, happy, and wanting to take one of their

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