Persuasive Essay On Transracial Adoption

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When thinking about children all over the country that are in need of new homes and have nothing it makes adoption become an option. For some people, unfortunately, they are not able to have kids and adoption gives them an opportunity that they thought wouldn't be able to happen. With that being said, there are many different forms of adoption, but a popular decision is transracial adoptions. People have their own opinions about transracial adoption and who should adopt who, but people adopt children of different races for many reasons and people don’t adopt children of different races for many reasons.
First, being a multiracial family can be an unforgettable experience. This gives the adopted child the opportunity to learn about other cultures that their adopted family may cherish. Children that have been adopted into a family of a different ethnic background and race than them are observed to handle identity crisis than most of their counterparts. The child is also able to handle social stigma better than most and that can help build their character better and keep them confident about any type of obstacle they face. “Being a multiracial family can be a culturally rich experience if the family
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A child that is transracially adopted will handle identity concerns better than most people because they can’t act like they are anyone else. The adopted child will thrive off of being their own person and that can keep them happy. The family of the child can also help with this by exposing them to different activities that involve children of other races that they can connect with. “Growing up in a culturally diverse home that offers children books, music and artwork that represent the child’s race will create an identity for the child that is positive and that will also seek to expand racial awareness for the entire family” (Guberman,
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